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Tehran Higher Education and Research Complex (THERC) is one of the most important subsidiaries of the Institute for Energy and Hydro Technology (IEHT). We are responsible for planning and implementing of managerial, financial, administrative and job-specific professional qualifications for the workforce of the Power and Water Industry.

Since 2004 we have provided education and training in the form of science based and highly relevant academic programs and short courses.

Our academic courses, including both undergraduate and graduate programs, are designed within the framework of Iran’s Ministry of Science, Research and Technology to comply with the highest standards in the Power and Water Industry within Tehran, Alborz, Zanjan and Qom Provinces.

Relying on our professional teachers and trainers together with the institute’s 4 decades of experience, we conduct a wide range of job-specific, skill-specific, professional and managerial training courses. Our courses are tailored to upgrade and refresh the knowledge and skills of the entry and senior level employees, frontline and middle managers together with the executives in the Power and Water Industry. Annually, more than 15,000 Person Months (PM) are spent on THERC’s short-term training. We offer more than two thousand in-service courses, all of which are approved by the Technical, Research and Training Office of the Ministry of Energy.

Our Centers

Tehran Center

The THERC’s headquarters is based in the administrative heart of Tehran on Shadab Street and delivers the theoretical courses by taking advantage of its numerous classrooms. Our financial department is centered in our second building on Roshan Street.

Alborz Center

This Educational Center is a three story concrete structure next to a pond in a green garden at the center of the Mehrshahr city in Alborz province. It is well equipped with special facilities such as an auditorium, a computer lab, enormous classrooms, overnight accommodation, a dining hall and parking spaces to host congresses and events.

Zanjan Center

The Zanjan Educational Center is situated in the capital city of Zanjan province in the geographical vicinity of the regional dispatching center and a lot of well-known companies in Power Industry. Together with its proper overnight accommodation facilities, it has a great potential to deliver advanced professional courses.

Qom Center

The Qom Educational Center is situated in the capital city of Qom province. Because of its geographical access to Iran’s central plateau, the Qom center has been nominated as the main training center for water and wastewater.


 The Institute for Energy and Hydro Technology (IEHT) and its subsidiaries are the only authorized centers to conduct specialized training courses in the Power and Water Industry.