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Short Term Technical Courses_Ministry of Energy

Short Term and Technical Courses in Ministry of Energy:

Relying on our professional teachers and trainers together with the institute’s 4 decades of experience, we conduct a wide range of job-specific, skill-specific, professional and managerial training courses. Our courses are tailored to upgrade and refresh the knowledge and skills of the entry and senior level employees, frontline and middle managers together with the executives in the Power and Water Industry. Annually, more than 15,000 Person Months (PM) are spent on THERC’s short-term trainings. We offer more than two thousand in-service courses, all of which are approved by the Technical, Research and Training Office of the Ministry of Energy.


The THERC’s trainings are presented by four departments as follow:

  1. Department of Public Administration and Management
  2. Department of Power and Energy
  3. Department of Water, Wastewater and Environment
  4. Department of Safety in Power and Water Industry

For more information please contact the following departments:

Power Department:

Contact person: Mr. Ahmadian

Tel: +98 21 88914544

Water and Wastewater Department:

Contact person: Mr. Ahmadi

Tel: +98 21 88901153