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HSE Training Hub

Necessity and Scope of the Work

  Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

People and the environment are two of the most valuable assets of the Iran’s government and organizations. Therefore, it is essential for them to comply with the highest standards of health and safety for their employees, customers and contractors as well as to the protection of the environment and communities. Accordingly we have designed our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) training programs so that they cover a variety of disciplines to preserve human resources and the environment.


Passive Defense

In a challenging and conflicting world, it is vital to secure the country against the possible damages of any hostile actions by resisting or minimizing the effects. So our training programs on Passive Defense are aimed to protect the infrastructure and national security of the country.

Crisis Management (CM)

At the second decade of the twenty-first century, the world witnesses huge disasters caused by natural and unnatural incidents. Therefore, one of the most important challenges of the present time is to design and apply crisis management strategies to help organizations deal with threats before, during, and after they have occurred.


Values and Beliefs


  • Adherence to Islamic values and principles, professional ethics and human dignity
  • The optimal use of facilities and the preservation of national resources and interests
  • Commitment to the implementation and support of applied research in line with national priorities
  • The use of community wisdom and superior expertise in the development of national co-operation

Mission and Vision


The THERC’s mission is to promote the educational services in the field of HSE, Passive Defense and Crisis Management across the country and region, in line with the policies of Iran’s Government and the Ministry of Energy. We are determined to improve the quality of educational, research and advisory services through proper management, the use of prominent professors and the proper utilization of existing scientific and professional capabilities.


We intend to turn into one of the country’s top educational centers in the HSE, Passive Defense and Crisis Management fields. We have planned to achieve this position by applying innovative scientific activities and upgrading the scientific level of our courses to meet the needs and requirements of the organizations. We are committed to train professional and efficient specialists through complying with educational and managerial guidelines.

Objectives and Plans


  • Increasing the HSE awareness among the employees of the Ministry of Energy and its subsidiaries at different levels by training.
  • Establishing a unified procedure for the development and expansion of the HSE, Passive Defense and Crisis Management awareness within the Ministry of Energy.
  • Improving the knowledge of senior managers in how to interact and manage these areas by explaining their key role in reducing the threats.
  • Standardizing the training of contractors in Water and Power industry.
  • Exchanging information among different units in order to identify the risks and prevent them from happening in future.
  • Developing mutual cooperation with international technical training centers to exchange trainers and students.


  • Holding technical training courses at the national and international levels.
  • Preparing and revising the educational resources.
  • Creating a database of experts in these areas.
  • Holding national and international scientific seminars and conferences.
  • Implementing the applied researches in the mentioned areas at the national level.
  • Certifying the contractors in relevant areas.
  • Collaborating with the relevant headquarters in the Ministry of Energy to develop the required standards in Water and Power Industry.
  • Educating teachers and trainers in the HSE, Passive Defense and Crisis Management.
  • Conducting future studies on these subjects.